Always make a Fruit Salad

Always make a Fruit Salad

I’m a self-taught cook. When I first met my husband, I couldn’t even make pasta the right way (I put it into cold water. I didn’t know you had to boil water for pasta). I think I made a chicken pot pie once and the chicken wasn’t even cooked when I served it. Who would think it would be hard to cook?!? I took a cooking class recently and many of my friends and family were surprised and made comments like “But you know how to cook, why do you need a class?” or “I’ll teach you how to cook, don’t pay money for that!” But who else is going to tell you what the term “reduce” means…or that its way cheaper to buy a rotisserie chicken and make your own chicken stock, than it is to buy it at the store.  The most valuable lesson I learned in cooking class, wasn’t even necessarily directly about cooking. It was that the greatest thing you can teach your children is how to cook. If you teach your kids how to cook, you are teaching them to survive…what a bold statement?!? And by the way, the term reduce means literally to “diminish a liquid” meaning boil it until say half of the liquid is evaporated…usually a recipe will read  “reduce by half”.

So, I’m a self-taught cook…as well as a runner, healthy eater, learning photography and now a blogger (well kind-of, this is my first post). I am also a great party planner. But that is not self-taught. My grandmother has been throwing parties since, well, forever. I’ve watched her for so many years that it just came naturally to me. Initially I just copied every little thing she did. Some of my top tips are to post a menu with a timeline of what you’re serving and when, make sure you have “pickies” out before you serve anything, precook things a few days before and then reheat the day of the party, and make sure to write down what everyone else is bringing so no one makes the same thing. And finally, always have a fruit salad!

This blog is mainly going to be about things I do in my everyday life…I’ll be sharing little bits in an ongoing blog! So what can you expect to see in the future from Olives and Polka Dots?? Lots of healthy recipes (and maybe a few comfort food recipes too), some party planning and tips for when I am hosting, and lots of photos! Oh…and whatever else I think of along the way. I don’t want to take this too seriously. I want it to be fun and laid back…I hope you all enjoy!


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