Hosting Game Night- Part 1

So, First Party Planning Blog!!! Exciting!!!!!!!

I decided to host game night at my house for 4 couples and us! I picked an evening that I knew would work for all the couples and put my plan into action!

Game Night Invite

Game Night Invite

So I made this invitation in Word.

I found a fun border (I Googled playing card border) and then inserted the picture into Word! Then I added a text box, input the information: Time, Place, What I would be serving, What guests should bring and BAM all done! You may notice in the invitation I have down “Time: 7:30- Games start at 8:30”. This is so you give people a general time of when they should show up. (Guests never show up directly at the time on the invitation. People usually like to be “fashionably” late)

Then I emailed it to my IPhone, took a screenshot, and texted all my guests with a little RSVP Note! I like sending out invitations like this even if it’s through a mobile device. It still makes it fun, a little formal, and more personal. I also made sure to send it out at least 3 weeks in advance, so guests could have plenty of time to check their schedules and RSVP.

I always do BYOB at my gatherings. It easier, less expensive, and we are not big drinkers anyway. I also like to do most of the cooking, but leave a specific category out for friends to bring. I usually leave dessert out because I’m not a big baker. So when my guests ask “What can I bring?” I can say “Cookies” or “Brownies”. One less thing to worry about!


Next Entertaining Blog Post will have: Party Menu and Food Shopping list!


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