Buying new work clothes

So back in June I did a little thing called “Whole 30” which is a strict Paleo diet plan. I ended up losing almost 30 pounds!! Which is great…except now I don’t have any clothes that fit me, especially for work. So today I went over to H&M on my lunch break and tried on some pants to see what size I was and I thought “what a great idea for a blog post…Work Essentials”! I know it has been done several times before, but I figured since I’m doing it now, why not post about it!

So here is what I’m purchasing for my “work” essentials.  I work in an office as a receptionist, however I am looking for a promotion soon and these would also be great interview outfits and are easily transferable if I did receive a promotion! (Fingers crossed)

black dress black slacks blazer blue button down blue slacks grey t khaki pencil white t

First off, a LBD (Little Black Dress) is always essential. This is great for meetings or if you know you are going out right after work and don’t want to go home and change!

Two pairs of pants 1 Black and 1 blue. I prefer a tapered leg, but you can wear boot-cut as well. I usually prefer to wear flats since I walk to and from the train and the tapered leg is better since it doesn’t drag on the ground.  I do leave an extra pair of heels in my desk, just in case of a last-minute  mishap with shoes or if I know my boss has important people coming in for meeting. They are plain black patent leather pumps that I bought at Target for less than $30.

I also got a beige pencil skirt. I already have 2 black pencil skirts at home and I saw this one on the rack and thought I didn’t need another pencil skirt. But then I tried it on and it fit so good I had to buy it! I also like that the color is very versatile. They had a really cute, bright pink pencil skirt…but it doesn’t really go with everything. This one I could still wear with the 3 tops I bought.

So….I’m excited….I bought a blazer. I have a blazer now, but its cheap and more like sweatshirt material. This one is a real blazer; fitted, pockets, and structured! I did get it in a bigger size, but that’s okay. I need a little wiggle room for “the girls” and I have pretty broad shoulders. I try not to let sizes get to me. It’s just a number, right?!?

Then I have 3 tops: a grey t-shirt, a white t-shirt, and a dressy blue button down. I chose these shirts because each shirt could be worn alone with a bottom item or with the blazer for a more dressy look. Plus I can still rock the t-shirts with jeans or at home outfits too! I also can use the button-down underneath the dress in the winter time and make it long sleeves. Genius!!!

And a whole new wardrobe is born for about $200. These essential items, if well taken care of, can last for a decent amount of time and I can get at least 3 seasons out of them (summer usually entails more, flowy dresses). I’m excited to wear all my new pieces to work!! (And maybe a promotion?!?)


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