Hosting Game Night- Part 2 including menu!

I already sent out the invitations (Game Night- Part 1) via text and I received my response back for how many people will be attending. I had 8 guests RSVP, plus us makes 10! Here’ my menu:


Corn Chips & Salsa

Potato Chips & Dip

Veggie tray & Dip

Kielbasa Bites

Chicken Wings

Tofu Bites

Bakery Pizza

Corn Chips & Salsa: I buy Tostito scoops and make my own salsa. The salsa is pretty simple to make. Just a can of diced tomatoes, a can of Rotel, a half onion chopped, a jalapeno chopped, a squirt of lime juice and some spices (cumin, salt, pepper, garlic powder). Throw everything in the blender or food processor and call it a day! Its delicious and you can make it as thick or soupy as you like. I’ll make this evening before.

Potato Chips and Dip: Pretty simple. I make EVERYTHING homemade so the dip is made by me as well. Here’s the recipe I use French onion dip. The only thing I make adjustments for is the bouillon cube because I have a guest with a known MSG allergy, so I make sure everything I buy is MSG free!

Veggie Tray: I love this idea of the dip in the pepper and have made it a few times at other events I’ve hosted! One tip for this is to make sure you get a BIG pepper, then I place a plastic cocktail size cup in the pepper. This is so the dip does not make the pepper soggy and then end up spilling out. I used another homemade dip as well, but I do not eat Greek yogurt so I’m just substituting sour cream instead. Ranch Dip   I’ll also make the dips the evening before, they just might need a good re-mix before serving

veggie tray

Kielbasa Bites: These are so easy to make, it’s ridiculous! Bourbon Kielbasa Bites    I’ll make these the day of the party. They need to stay in the crock pot for 4 hours, and then, I’ll just turn the crock pot onto warm and leave tooth-picks out for guests. I will actually double the recipe so I make sure to have enough.

Chicken Wings: Chicken wings are sometimes tough, they are always a party favorite and you never want to run out! So, what I do is plan on each guest having 5-6 chicken wings, then I multiply by the amount of guests I have. I have about 10 guests eating, so I’ll plan on buying 60 wings (probably about 3-4 lbs). I’ll marinate the wings the night before and then in the morning, I’ll cook them through. I’ll reheat right before everyone arrives. (Also, I know that 2 of my guests are vegetarians, so I know I will have extra!)

Hence, the Tofu Bites: I like to make sure I have something for everyone. So my veggie friends are going to have BBQ tofu bites. The night before I’m going to cut up the tofu and marinate in a BBQ sauce. Then about an hour before guests arrive, I’ll bake them at 375 for 15 min each side! Easy Peasy!

And then I’ll buy a bakery pizza from a local pizza place. It’s pretty cheap and one less thing to cook that I know everyone will eat. Plus, Anthony can take leftovers to work!

And my menu is complete! I’ll make a quick shopping list and probably go the evening before the party. Then I’ll come home, whip up the few things I can refrigerate over night, and get the house finished up.

Next: I’ll show you my party prep and how all my food turned out!!


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