Sunday Prep

This Sunday I as actually busy with plans… So my prep work isn’t going to be as detailed as last week. Here’s my menu for the week, knowing that I was busy Sunday:


Meal menu for the week

Meal menu for the week

It’s easy to make Monday’s meals: I whip up mini frittata with some asparagus and throw it oven. I cook the hamburger quickly on the grill with peppers and onions. I make the Paleo Pancakes, a few hard boiled eggs and that’s my super quick prep!

But just so you have something else to check-out, I made a delicious honey mustard crockpot chicken this morning before I left to start my day! Crock Pot Honey Mustard Chicken   I can put this over a salad or over a bed of veggies and I can save some leftovers for tuesdays lunch too. Now I know dinner’s ready and I can follow my food plan! Wahoo for being prepared!


Upcoming this week on my blog: Sangria for one, Game Night Prep, and some recipes along with funny stories about my cooking experiences! Thanks for reading…


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