Isn’t it Quaint?!?!

Once a month my girlfriends and I get together for a “venting-food session”. This entails us eating , complaining about things we can’t change, and offering advice in things we can. It’s just a time to relax, feel no pressure, and share dessert (because then we don’t feel bad that we ate the whole thing). This all started with one friend however…and this is where this blog post starts!

Last August, my friend Annette and I made a dinner date to a captivating little restaurant in Gloucester, Ma. I had Googled patio eating on the water North Shore, Ma and it popped up. It had this eclectic feel to it and the food look delish! Annette and I are alike in the sense we will both pretty much eat anything. Seafood, steak, never heard of it, we’ll try it! I sent her the website and said “let’s try this place, it’s a beautiful drive up route 128, we can get out of the city for a few, and enjoy a nice evening of food!”  The Rudder

We hopped in my Jeep and drove 45 minutes to Gloucester, going down these charming, little back roads and seeing all these little stores! We kept commenting on how “cute” everything was. “Doesn’t this look so quaint?!?” “I would love to live in this little house by the water.” “Look at these antique shops”. “We have to come back here in the day time to visit the stores” (We never went back…even a year later we still say we have to go back!) By the time we arrived at the restaurant I think we had used just about every adjective to describe how  adorable everything was. (See what I did there?? captivating, cute, quaint, charming, little, adorable…I love adjectives!) It was about a 40 minute wait for a table and we specifically asked that we could be seated on the deck. We walked around the quaint area, down these little pathways that had Adirondack chairs and Christmas lights strewn about. There were a few different restaurants in the area, but all seemed to have no customers besides “The Rudder”. We could see the deck from the pathway and watched as people laughed and enjoyed good food. We were starving! We returned about 35 minutes later to be seated. The deck was actually a boat dock; you could pull your boat right up and have them serve you food on it! How awesome it that?!? Inside the restaurant was pretty neat as well! It had twinkle lights in the ceiling, and throughout the restaurant intertwined with artificial greenery. It had nautical themed decor and seemed as though the customers were not customers at all, but friends of the bartender and waitresses.

We ended up sharing an artichoke dip appetizer, which I still remember being the best artichoke dip I ever had. During our entrée’s, we all of sudden realized the whole deck was clapping and cheering. We both looked at each other like “what is going on?” and then we realized there was a boat parade. That’s right….a boat parade! A Line of boats with lights and people, cheering, yelling, and waving at us. How many of you have actually seen a boat parade?!?

Of course we shared dessert and then decided to drive around the charismatic town. As we were driving down the main street, fireworks started bursting in the air! I know, I know…this sounds like a made-up story…but I assure you, it is not! We stopped for a few and watched the fireworks, and chatted about how we should do this once a month. And that’s how the whole dinner dates started! We each have a month that we pick a restaurant and we always make sure to try someplace new! It’s a fun experience to go out once a month and try new food with good company. I really have some of the greatest girlfriends!

Coming up next: Sangria for One!!!


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