Thirsty Thursday – Sangria for One!

Sangria for One!! Like I said before I’m not a big drinker. If my friends hear that I had more than 3 drinks in one night, they are in shock!! But, after this long week I need a beverage!

It’s going to be a nice, summer evening and I always like to enjoy some Sangria during the warm weather! However I do not want to make a big batch of it! So I make Sangria for one! It makes about 2-3 glasses, depending on how big your glass is! And it’s so easy, it’s silly!

Red Moscato

So I use a  Red Moscato, probably about half the bottle. (Barefoot is my new favorite), a little bit of sprite (for some bubbles) and then I  add some fruit (I like to use oranges, lemons, limes…Citrus fruit. But sometimes strawberries are good too!). I put it in a pitcher and let it chill and let the fruit marinate a little bit. I’ll usually let it chill while I’m preparing dinner and then by the time I sit down to eat, it’s ready!

Was that easy or what??

Tomorrow’s food and party prep! I’ll be busy making everything for Game Night on Saturday! I’ll be posting lots of pictures and can’t wait to have a blast at Game night! We are going to play guys versus girls….And the girls are so going to win!


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