Game Night- Part 3

Game Night has finally arrived! (See: Game Night- Part 1  &  Game Night- Part 2 with menu) I went to the grocery store right after work on Friday and picked up almost everything on my list. (OOPS! I did forgot the sour cream though…) I came home, cleaned up and prepped a few of my food items. Then, I tidied up the kitchen and put out my serving dishes. On Saturday morning, I cooked the chicken wings and then covered them up and left them on stove. I made the kielbasa bites in the crock pot and left it on warm when they were done. I made the dips, finished cleaning the kitchen, and got myself ready!

We decided to play Guys vs. Girls!! So I made a scoreboard and hooked my computer up to the TV with a HDMI cable. (Anthony’s always proud when I know technical stuff!)

Game Night Scoreboard

I also made some cute Decorations!! I found an old game I had with cool pieces, so I put everything in a little vase and wrapped twinkle lights around it!! Quick, easy, cheap, and adorable….

Game Night Decor

These we my serving dishes. When I registered for my wedding, I picked out a lot of entertaining pieces. Specifically B. Smith from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I love the style of her dishes and it always looks good! Plus almost everything is dishwasher safe. So at the end of the night I can rinse everything out, put it right into the dishwasher, and turn it on so in the morning everything is clean!  B Smith- Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Once people started arriving, I put the veggies, chips and dip out. I started mingling right away and totally forgot to take pictures of everything!! Once everyone was there, I put out the chicken wings, pizza, and kielbasa bites! Almost everything went. My friend, Jamie, brought tripe chocolate chip cookies…wow!!!

Never expect anything to run on time or things to work perfectly as planned. We didn’t start playing games until about 10:00. Everyone was chit-chatting and telling stories. It had been awhile since some of us had gotten together, so we needed time to catch-up. Once a few of us sat on the couch I took out my phone and we started to play Heads Up, which is an app on my phone! Once a few of us started getting loud and laughing, everyone came over and wanted to join in. All-in-all, a pretty successful event! And definitely want to plan another game night soon.


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