62 Wharf and Wine Bar

Last night was Girls Night and they said I should start reviewing the restaurants we go to on my blog!! (Want to see how Girls Night started?? Check out my first blog post about it: Isn’t it quaint?) What a great idea?!?! Do you guys want to see restaurant reviews? Let me know!!

So last night we went to 62 Wharf and Wine bar in Salem, Ma. 62 Wharf and Wine Bar   It was Annette’s birthday and I happen to have a gift card to 62 Wharf, I figured we could use it to celebrate! The menu looked great.

For appetizers

  • We started with the Arancini: Small size and delicious. It came with three, but the waitress said we could add-on one more. (There are 4 of us that go out). They also brought over fresh bread and oil when our arancini came out.

For the entrée:

  • Two of us had the gnocchi with short ribs. The short ribs were so good, they practically melted in your mouth and the gnocchi was cooked to perfection. Sometimes gnocchi can get a little mushy, this was not. The sauce was mild and it was an all around delicious dish. Very filling and the portion size was perfect. Jamie also got the rosemary roasted potatoes as a side those were very good as well!
  • The other two had Lobster Pappardelle. They both liked their dishes, but the lobster came in the shell. They thought it would have been like lazy man lobster and  it was a little more messy work than they were anticipating. The pasta was pretty thick as well. Annette had the spicy broccoli rabe and Mandy and I split asparagus as a sides. The sides were a larger, share-able portions.

For Dessert: 

  • We each chose one and then tried each others
    • Warm Toffee pudding was delicious. It had a nice toffee syrup and a little piece of chocolate cake. It was warm and perfect in every way!
    • Chocolate was chocolate cake with hazelnut gelato and that was also delicious! It had little pieces of grounded espresso beans, and I didn’t really love that part because I had little pieces stuck in my teeth afterwards!
    • Strawberry Rhubarb Crostada was pretty delicious as well and my friend seemed pretty happy with it. I have never had this type of dish before, so it is hard to compare what I imagined it would be like.
    • And last but not least: Just gelato. She had hazelnut and vanilla and enjoyed it as well.

I mean its dessert…how can you not enjoy all of it?


  • The atmosphere was definitely a little fancier than I had expected. It was “Modern Italian Food” with tapas size dishes. Usually, I think, Italian means big plates and lots of leftovers, but we all felt like we had the perfect sized entrée. The waitress also let us know that anything on the menu could be adjusted to your liking and you could swap anything you wanted. They had a gluten-free menu and all of the pasta is hand-made as well. They brought water over to the table and left a large “jug” of water for us. We had iced tea and seltzer water as well. We were all starving when we arrived and they asked if we wanted bread but it didn’t come out right away, it came out when we had our appetizer. We waited a little bit longer than usual in between the appetizer and our main dishes, but once they arrived it was so delicious we didn’t really notice. The waitress was really nice and one of us is a pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats fish) and she let her know she could customize the dishes to her liking. Also, I booked on Opentable and left a note that one of us were celebrating a birthday and they were very accommodating to make sure she had a special dessert and candle to blow-out for the occasion.

Final decision:                                                              8 out of 10

  • All around we really enjoyed it. I think this is better for a fancier dinner, like an anniversary or birthday celebration, and I would recommend it to someone who was looking for that type of elegant environment. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to everyone. If you have picky eaters (like Anthony) this may be a tough spot; even though you can mix and match and make it your liking, it’s definitely a different type of style. The food was absolutely delicious, however I was disappointed in the wait time between asking for bread and the actual arrival and the fact that we waited so long in between appetizers and the entrée. Even though the food was absolutely delicious, I was a tiny, tiny bit disappointed with the service.

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