I’m back….kind of…

A few life moments were celebrated these last few weeks:

I celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary and this year has sure put us to the test…But we stay strong, like always and most of the time become stronger. Its been one heck of a roller coaster ride

We celebrated the life of my Father in Law, Anthony…who unfortunately passed away the beginning of October. I say celebrated life because I don’t believe you should continue to mourn. I understand people need different amounts of time to mourn, but I try to stay positive and look at things in a different light. He was an incredible man, who touched the lives of so many people. I was able to read his eulogy in front of hundreds of people and tell his life story. This man did not have the life of a 5 minute Eulogy either. I was able to stand up there and read a 10 minute life story of a very loved man. And I was able to support my husband throughout. Which is a big accomplishment because that’s what marriage is all about and our first year was definitely put to the test!

And I celebrated my 29th birthday…every other year our city holds a Columbus Day parade and this year fell right on my birthday! It’s a fun time of food, drinks, friends and family. The love being with kids and taking pictures of everyone. And this year was definitely special because the parade also celebrated my father in law! Sings, banners, and everyone cheering…what’s better than that?!?

So, Let me get my life back on track this week and I’ll be making sure to get my menu ready with some new recipes, and some cool Halloween decorations, and maybe a fall inspired fashion post. Let’s see what I can come up with!!


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