Fall Decorations

I love Fall!! I love the clothes, the holidays, the weather, and decorating my house!! Here are some of my fall decorations this year:

I bought the Wreath from Target for $20. I like this because it was a smaller size, so its easier to store and doesn’t take up much room on the front door. It’s not necessarily a Halloween wreath and it could be used all season long! I also bought the wreath hanger from target around Christmas, so it was easy to take this wreaths ribbon and just hang it up on the door.   Target Wreath

The flowers I bought from my local supermarket. They were pretty inexpensive, about $9.99. I liked the fall colors and that they were a double color as well with the burnt orange and yellow. I have so many vases at home so I cut them down really low and filled up a square vase. I can usually get my flowers to last a decent amount of time by changing the water every few days!

At the same supermarket I purchased the little pumpkins. My dad and his fiance gave me the day of the dead Bride and Groom for my birthday! What a cute add-on to my fall decor collection!! I love that they independently stand up and looked so cute in the round vase with the pumpkins.

The sparkly bulbs with lights is my go-to decoration for any holiday!!! It super easy to make and pretty inexpensive. I bought the large hurricane vase at Michael’s. I found the black, purple, and silver bulbs there as well and then found little skulls that could go along with it! I purchased the battery operated lights at target. They do all kinds of different things like blink, go on at a specific time, and they are great because I don’t have to plug them in!. So what I do is wrap some lights at the base of the vase (haha that rhymed!), then I put a few bulbs on top. Wrap some more lights around, bulbs on top. And go all the way up until there are not any left! So easy!!!

I also made some delicious Halloween cupcakes, which I normally wouldn’t eat, but I they were on sale at the supermarket, along with the orange frosting and sprinkles that looked like little skulls and I thought “why not indulge a little”! I had one, Anthony had one, and I brought the rest to work for my co-workers to enjoy!

Happy Fall Everyone!!! Next post will be about some fall fashion statements…If there are ever any questions on something I have purchased or you want to know about something I made please feel free to email me or contact me another way!! I would love to be more interactive with my blogging fan base! 🙂


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