2015 is going to be MY year

Back in June I did a little thing called Whole 30 (Whole 30 Program Rules). Since then I have gone back to eating….crap…which in turn, has made me feel like crap. This year was a little crazy, I think I’m still recovering mentally, emotionally, and organizationally. The holidays are coming up and I want to enjoy them. But I want to get my life back on the right path too. So I’m preparing a few things to get myself back in order come the new year!

Whole 30 Good Food Word!

First, I’m going back to Whole 30…except instead of 30 days, I’m doing 90! A few co-workers are joining in and we decide January will be our start date. So to prepare, I started making my menu’s and planning out some new recipes to try. This round I decided to nix fruit for the first 30 days. I have a wicked sweet tooth and my last round I relied on fruit to get through the cravings. So I snacked on lots of pineapple, oranges, and bananas. I want to cut out that habit! Let’s see how that works.

Second, I created a budget planner. This way I can track my money for a whole year. I can see where I’m spending the most, hopefully save some money, and learn to budget myself. I created some templates and put together a binder. I made a monthly planner of what bills I am paying and when. I checked my income and made sure I had a sufficient amount of left over money to save and give myself a cash allowance. When I use my debit card I tend to spend it a little easier. With cash, I give it a little bit of second thought depending on what I have in my pocket.

I’m also going to take some classes! I want to educate myself a little more. I’ve been taking Spanish classes and in addition to that, I signed up for an Effective Business Writing class online. I’m also looking into the possibility of a Human Services Management certificate program. I think by being proactive and showing initiative will help me in receiving a promotion within my office this upcoming year.

This is a decent amount of weekly work. Between tracking my spending and income, cooking and food shopping, and taking classes, I need a weekly schedule to keep me on track. So I’m creating a plan to stay organized. I don’t know what that is yet, but I’ll be updating!

I have a feeling if I plan right 2015 could be MY year!!!! But only I can do it, so I’m making sure to be prepared and ready to go.

Upcoming: Whole 90 Journey, Menu prep and How to do it, Budget Binder Templates, maybe some effective business writing tips while I’m learning, and How I’m keeping it all together.

Thanks for sticking with me through my blogging journey. It’s been a kind of all over the place, but I’m going to be ready in the New Year to keep myself together and keep my blog going.


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