Sunday Food Day

Breakfast: Quick Frittata

I love making Frittata. It’s super easy and it stays good in the fridge for a pretty good amount of time. Up to 6 days if you store it in a nice airtight container! This was a bacon, potato, & pepper frittata.

I make bacon in the oven. Yes, in the oven. It’s so quick, it doesn’t make a big mess, and your house doesn’t smell of bacon for a whole week. I lay the strips of bacon on a tin foil covered cookie sheet, I put it in a COLD  oven and pre-heat to 400°. Once the oven is pre-heated, I set the timer for 10 minutes and then Voilà! Yummy bacon.

Meanwhile, I’ll sauté the chopped up peppers and canned diced potatoes in a little olive oil. I place those in the bottom of a pie dish. Then I whip up the eggs with a little S&P and a little full-fat coconut milk.

Once the bacon is done, I crumble it up and add it to the pie dish. Then, I pour the eggs over everything and shimmy the dish around until it settles. Again 400° for 20 minutes. That’s why I like using bacon in frittata too, the ovens already preheated and ready to go!


Lunch: Italian Chop Salad (Idea from: Italian Chopped Salad)

Since the recipe had pasta, a home-made dressing, and several different cheeses in it, I had to tweak the salad to fit me. I like to look at recipes more for ideas than to actually follow it. Remember that most recipes can be modified to suit your needs and if your unsure as to how to change it, use google! Look at a few websites to see if they all recommend something similar. Usually, they do. Be careful, however, as this does NOT apply to baking, which is why I do not bake! Baking requires you to follow each and every step to the T!

I like to keep my food separate until I’m ready to eat it, so I placed in one container with two separate compartments: chopped artichokes, marinated mushrooms, black olives, chickpeas, and on the other side, I place the chopped pepperoni and salami.  Once I’m ready to eat, I put everything together and use a little balsamic and olive oil as dressing.

Lunch: Lox over Salad

I also made four salads for the week. I can grab them in a pinch for lunch or dinner. I can always find a protein source to buy and add, like hard-boiled eggs or Lox. Lox is super yummy and goes great over a salad. Most people think: Bagel, Lox, and cream cheese. I like to slice mine and throw it over a salad with a little balsamic and olive oil. It’s nice to have something already prepared to grab, so I cut up the left over Lox and leave it in the fridge just incase! It is a little pricey, but sometimes Whole Foods will have it on sale, so I usually buy it then as a little indulgence.

Dinner: Recipe: Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken

This was a pretty easy dish to make and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! I’ve never really made chicken thighs before because for some reason I had it in my head that I wasn’t a dark meat fan…but boy was I wrong. They were so juicy, tender, and flavorful. I don’t add that much lemon juice because the hubby isn’t a big fan. So I used a fresh lemon and just squeezed as much out of it as I could. I used a little lemon zest (Lemon Zest is a taking a cheese grater and grating some of the rind of the lemon! They make it sound so much more complicated), and a little lemon pepper spice that I had from a gourmet spice company. I used my dutch oven too! A dutch oven is a pan or pot that can be cooked stove top and in the oven. You usually want to use it when you first need to sauté and then place in the oven or if you are slow cooking meats. They are usually pretty heavy as they are made of cast iron or enamel.

The hubby and I like different sides so I had mashed cinnamon sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus and he had stuffing and carrots. Our plates were clean when we were done eating!!


Keep an eye out this week for: Some Fall Decorations and Fall fashion posts!!!

Next weeks Sunday Prep Day, I’ll post: Tuna Cakes, Skillet Steak, Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches with fresh basil, and Some Yummy Chicken Wings!!!


Labor Day Prep

Since I had Sunday and Monday off from work, I used Monday to make my lunches fresh for the week.

First I made Tuesday’s Lunch: Spicy tuna cakes with tomato & cucumber salad and grapes: Spicy Tuna cakes from Nom Nom Paleo

tuna cakes

I put the sweet potato in the microwave so it would be quick, then I made the spicy tuna cakes and threw them in the oven. While they cooked, I chopped up tomatoes and cucumbers and made my favorite side dish, Cucumber and Tomato salad. I put the chopped up the veggies (sometimes I put in a little chopped onion too) and mix in 1 tablespoon of paleo compliant mayo and a little siracha sauce. Then I added some grapes and put the spicy tuna cakes in once they were done! Prefect Monday Lunch

Then I made Wednesday’s lunch: Egg Salad & Veggie bites with blueberries

Bento box

The egg salad is pretty simple. I have tried a few different ways to make hardboiled eggs and i find that my full proof method to always get perfect hardboiled eggs is to cover them with cold water, bring to a boil for 15 minutes, drain and then cover back in cold water and let them sit. Then i added a tablespoon of the paleo mayo, a little paprika, pepper, and salt. All done! The veggies I already had chopped up still from game night and I added my fruit!

I also made Tuesday’s breakfast which consisted of some left over veggies, a half of a chicken sausage, and two eggs. I had on the menu 2 eggs with bacon, but I try not waste food, so all of those leftover veggies from Game Night will get used one way or another. I also made a few containers of fruit so if I want a quick snack I can grab and go! I also made some home-made salsa because it was all gone from game night and it so too delicious not to make more.

Then for dinner I made carnita’s!!! Soooo good. They are pretty easy to make: Carnitas     Anthony had his over jambalaya rice and I had mine over a salad with salsa and guacamole!!

And that’s it for Labor Day Prep!! Up and coming posts will be 2 meals in one, I’m going to make an easy skillet lasagna for Anthony and a zucchini noodles & meat sauce  for myself from the same dish! Plus another Thirsty Thursday! See you all soon.

Sunday Prep

This Sunday I as actually busy with plans… So my prep work isn’t going to be as detailed as last week. Here’s my menu for the week, knowing that I was busy Sunday:


Meal menu for the week

Meal menu for the week

It’s easy to make Monday’s meals: I whip up mini frittata with some asparagus and throw it oven. I cook the hamburger quickly on the grill with peppers and onions. I make the Paleo Pancakes, a few hard boiled eggs and that’s my super quick prep!

But just so you have something else to check-out, I made a delicious honey mustard crockpot chicken this morning before I left to start my day! Crock Pot Honey Mustard Chicken   I can put this over a salad or over a bed of veggies and I can save some leftovers for tuesdays lunch too. Now I know dinner’s ready and I can follow my food plan! Wahoo for being prepared!


Upcoming this week on my blog: Sangria for one, Game Night Prep, and some recipes along with funny stories about my cooking experiences! Thanks for reading…

Sunday Prep

So, every Sunday I spend about 2 hours prepping my lunches, snacks, and dinners for the week. Every Monday I’ll post what I prepped on Sunday. I eat Paleo. Paleo is eating like a caveman (or cave-woman, in my case); if  you could hunt or gather it, you can eat it. That means lots of fresh veggies & fruit, meats & seafood, and fats (like nuts, coconut, and avocado). I stay away from processed foods, dairy, grains and beans. However, Anthony doesn’t eat this way, so sometimes I adapt, add, or make something different for him depending on what I’m having. This week I’ll be showing you a few different meals prepped, where I received my recipes, and make you hungry by showing you some delicious pictures! I always make a menu for the week which contains each meal and a snack.


Monday’s Breakfast: Paleo Pancakes- Found from Nom Nom Paleo, one of my favorite Paleo websites. Nom Nom Paleo Pancakes

Paleo pancakes

These pancakes are pretty simple, quick to make and re-heat pretty well, too! Usually I heat up my breakfast in the morning by putting my pancake, eggs, or whatever else I have into the toaster oven while I shower. That way it’s done when I’m out and I can sit down to and eat before getting ready.

Next I made Monday’s lunch: Turkey Roll-ups- This is a variation of a Nom Nom Paleo Idea! Roast Beef Roll-ups

Turkey Roll-ups

I normally cut up a bunch of peppers for the week. This makes it easy to throw on a salad, in a meal, or if I want a quick snack to munch on. I have a Foodsaver, which helps keep everything fresh for the week. I purchased it at Target and it was money well spent. I have used it for: pre cut-up sweet potatoes, peppers, carrots, and even marinated turkey tips which I froze afterwards!

For this lunch, I used 2 pieces of turkey because they were sliced thin and fell apart when I wrapped them. By using 2, it made it a little more secure. I also used Tessemae’s Honey Mustard Dipping sauce…WOWZA’s is that stuff good!!!! You can purchase it at Whole Foods or online at their website. Whole Foods does not carry all of their line, so I ordered the gift pack from their website. Bonus…it came with a few different dips, marinades, and sauces! Tessemaes Website

Tuesday’s Breakfast: Paleo “Oatmeal”- Paleo Oatmeal (This was found on Pinterest. I need to explore this website more, because the “oatmeal” is so good!)

Paleo oatmeal

Also another yummy, quick breakfast that heats up well in the toaster oven. I top it off with nuts and raisins and it’s ready to go. I usually have 2-3 slices of bacon as well to add protein…doesn’t Paleo sound yummy?!? Pancakes, bacon, honey mustard dipping sauce. What other food plan let’s you eat that?

Tuesday’s lunch: Chicken Salad, with a side salad, and nuts


This stays in the fridge really well for a few days, so I make it on Sunday for Tuesday because I know it will still be good. It’s yummy, quick to make and I can put everything together while the rest of my meals are cooking. I always add a piece of fruit to my lunches too!


I keep 3 salads prepped and ready to go for the week just in case something comes up one night and I can’t make my lunch or I want a salad with dinner. Sometimes it helps make the decision easier when it’s already made. I don’t add cucumbers to these because I have found that if I get to a salad on Thursday it’s usually soggy from the cucumbers. So I don’t mind taking a quick 5 minutes to chop them up fresh!

And I’m all done! Tuesday Night I prep some more food for the week and then I’m usually all set.

Although spending 2 hours seems like a lot of time, it is worth it for me to know what I’m eating each day, have it ready and I’m not spending money on prepared foods. One of my biggest pet peeves is buying a $10 salad that isn’t really that good. So this is time well spent…and it helps that I enjoy it too. See ya soon!!!